Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cricket Australia - Winning Legacy..... LONG GONE?

Their shoulders are drooping on the field, like the Kangaroos, kind of. Days are gone when this bunch of men could command the respect from every one of their opponents and can afford to remain their aggressive/arrogant selves. Its a sign that none of us cricket-followers would have expected to see in our life time. Even though most of us would have liked to see this for the betterment of cricket, it has come as a sort of a pleasant shock for most of us. No one questions their reign of supreme all these days on the field as it has come through the sheer professionalism and dominance. The way Mark Taylor got the reigns from AB, who BTW renovated the Aussies during his reign, Taylor has been the man behind the beginning of this chilling and thrilling success story. He brought the men out of his boys and made them re-define the way in which aggressive cricket is played. Then came Mr. Cool, Steve Waugh. One can argue that he can boast the presence of Glenn McGrath, Shane Warne, Damien Fleming and their likes in his bowling line up and arguably had the best of the batting line up containing Mathew Hayden and Ricky Ponting. Also, there was the most special Wicket Keeping all rounder of all time in AG - who would have thought someone can step in the shoes of Ian Healy and over shadow his stellar performances by the time he was gone?! No one should forget that, even with such a wonderful team, there needed to be a cool head to lead the pack and no one could (I would say, would) ever be cooler than Steve Waugh, He enjoyed one of the most successful stay at the throne and was happy to hand over the flock to Ricky Ponting. Ricky Ponting is one of the best captain and batsman contemporary cricket could ever see, no questions. But, I do not see him getting prepared for a smooth transition and I do not see him participate in the Talent Search and Development which all his predecessors (AB, MT and SW) have all been so successful in due to which this fairy-tale had been continuing for a long time. Now, he suddenly finds him in the wrong side of the coin and thinking - "Mate, what have I got to give to Clarke?". "Perhaps, nothing, champ...", with most of the talents washed away and none identified to replace. The leadership skill of MC is also under the scanner and if and when the day comes when RP has to hang his boots, which is most likely sooner than later, Clarke will surely find himself in a situation where he needs to get used to start taking the blame for faults, part of which should squarely belong to RP.

- Ram

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gov, Palin's ABC Face to Face Interview - No mention of "Diplomatic Options"

This was the Alaska Governor's first face to face interview since being named Senator McCain's running mate -
She is very excited about getting herself exposed to the National Politics and Media and I believe she has to learn a lot. The main topics discussed were National Security and Foreign Relations Credentials and she could have done a lot better. The one critical thing that I noticed is she is not afraid in letting out provocative statements and especially while discussing Georgia , Iran and cross-border attacks in Pakistan if required, she never mentions "running out of all possible Diplomatic Options" as a criteria for thinking about attacks and very eager in getting carried away with the 9/11 memorial day and discussing attacks and war directly. Hope she learns from this. Otherwise, I do not see her winning the hearts of American people.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin speeches at the Repubican National Convention

When you expect something below average and you get surprised with what they delivered... That keeps you thinking... Based on the projected results and the media coverage, we all thought it was inevitable for the Republicans to give up to the Democrats sooner than later. But, if Senator McCain's and Gov. Palin's acceptance speeches are to be counted, BOY, they aren't given up till the last vote is counted in November (or December or January as we have seen the Democratic process, sometimes, tends to extend in the US than any other nation).

First - lets take up the Governor's acceptance speech. If a Convention speech is defined as exposing yourself to your base, list your achievements, answer to your counterparts' questions and to make some calculative punches at your opponents' face(s), all of the above within the given time slot, I think Governor Palin scores an A+ from me (and most of the parties Conservative Base). I never thought she could take on Barack Obama, who defeated Hillary Clinton in the primaries (with wonderful campaigning strategy), and Senator Biden who has lived on this Earth one and a half times she had spent here (but been in the Senate more than two thirds of her life). She really took them to their task and they have a very huge task cut out if they need to defeat the Republicans from now on. Frankly, she has been given the Attack Dog role by the McCain campaign and she is doing it with such a grace that the Democrats could turn Negative very soon.

Next - what about the McCain acceptance speech. Out of the four big speeches of this season (from Joe Biden, and Barack Obama last week at the DNC and Sarah Palin and John McCain this week at the RNC), McCain avoided both Empty Rhetoric and Indecent Attacks and concentrated more on the Nuts and Bolts of his Policies and painted a picture of what his Administration will do to Change the US. When a Man with highest dignity from either side of the American Political Aisle speaks like that, we better believe it. There is no need for him to attack his opponents and hit the low road and also for him to cover his Conservative Base as his VP pick is doing more than a good job in that front. So, he can concentrate on reaching out to the Undecided Democratic Voters and the Independent Voters. I think he did that effectively. But he gets a B+ in my grade sheet as he could have cut short his speech which he did not...

We are in for one of the Greatest American Elections this year and lets have FUN!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

John McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP

Good Choice to balance the ticket in terms of age, dynamics and a great move to pick up the core Hillary supporters. I just saw her being introduced and heard her speech. Her speech has contents but she looks a little tense when speaking. So, am not sure how many would like her to be a heart beat away from the Oval Office especially with a 72 year old man at the top. It was good to see the ad in which Senator McCain congratulated Barack Obama for being nominated. Either ways, History would be made whichever party wins. But neither ticket offers the details on how they could bring about the change Washington badly needs... Lets keep our fingers crossed and watch as it unfolds...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Adelide witnesses a Masterclass

It was past 10 in the night for me @ the Pacific in the US... Sunny Day @ Adelide, Australia... A man who has been a child for 38 times working out in the middle... Another who had been there 34 times at the Commentary Box chanting and another who had done that 33 times and counting witnessing from the Point... Sachin drives past the Cover with such elegance that a valiant dive from the fielder couldn't stop the Master Blaster from becoming a child for the 39th time in his illustrious career... The Little Master at the commentary Box fumbling with his words unusually, Tears rolling down my eyes... What else would be a perfect sight for an average Devotee to this Demi-God of Indian Cricket? Very Very Special Laxman witnessing the event from the Non-Striker's end was perhaps enjoying this one even more than his electrifying Centuries against the Aussies.... I'm blogging as both of them were still going strong - I wanted to keep this snapshot forever with me - Sachin going back to his Childhood Joy once and only once at this Ground - What more when he was at the Center of the Bradman and the Chappel Stands... To me, Sachin - you are and you will be forever - the Eighth Wonder of the World - for responding to Critics the Most Professional Way for the Most Number of times than anybody else...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kanimozhi plunges into Politics

MKs daughter has been given a much expected political entry and is slated to start as a Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha next week. I personally am a person who hates that party she would be representing in the House, the DMK. Whatever has been spoken about her entry in the Political arena and how-much-ever negatives of the Family Politics is brought forward by the opponents using this opportunity, I would like to wish her all success here. I have had a chance to read a couple of interviews and watch a couple of her interviews on the web. I have also had an opportunity of visiting the website she runs with Karthik Chidambaram (, which kind of popularized even before the Social Networking Revolution over the Internet for exchanging constructive thoughts in a stream-lined manner among level headed people. The way in which she responds to controversial questions and the way in which she answers to every question in a calm and composed manner tells me that she is in Politics to stay and these are the kind of people who we need to transform Indian Politics into a good space. I'm pretty sure that she would respect the thoughts of her opponents if it needs to and she knows the way to put forward counter-statements as well without practicing the cheaper version of Politics. I'm a hundred per cent sure that there might be a lot of situations where she would differ from her party's stand and I'm interestingly looking forward to the way in which she would respond and the way in which the party would respond to her as well... Anyways, I take this opportunity in wishing her on a great opportunity ahead to voice her genuine concerns of the society in the parliament...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Proud to have been an Indian Fan - Tribute to a living legend

I'm waiting to hang my boots - watching and following cricket - if and when Sachin Tendulkar does hang his. The only crowning moment that would have still eluded my eyes since I started to follow cricket (since I had entered my kinder garden) is that of Sachin gleaming with a shining World Cup in his hand. It would be more sentimental exit for me than probably it would be for the master himself. More than a cricketer, he has won the hearts of millions and millions of cricket fans across the globe by being an example to man kind. I do not want to analyse his achievements on the field and failures as each and every time he took the field, we, his true fans, believed that we achieved something or the other in our own life. So, we have reached as many milestones in our life as the master has reached in his. At such an age to be in such euphoria - probably the phenomenon occurs once in a century and to have lived parallely through that phase cherishes me the most in my life. Sachin - whatever you have achieved or whatever you have not - the way you took the rise and fall would be a lesson for every legend in the becoming. Whatever happens - we are there behind you and trust us - we are not one among those who booed you in your hometown and finally, when you do leave the field for one last time, it would be a tearful exit from cricket for me as well... I promise...