Friday, September 05, 2008

Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin speeches at the Repubican National Convention

When you expect something below average and you get surprised with what they delivered... That keeps you thinking... Based on the projected results and the media coverage, we all thought it was inevitable for the Republicans to give up to the Democrats sooner than later. But, if Senator McCain's and Gov. Palin's acceptance speeches are to be counted, BOY, they aren't given up till the last vote is counted in November (or December or January as we have seen the Democratic process, sometimes, tends to extend in the US than any other nation).

First - lets take up the Governor's acceptance speech. If a Convention speech is defined as exposing yourself to your base, list your achievements, answer to your counterparts' questions and to make some calculative punches at your opponents' face(s), all of the above within the given time slot, I think Governor Palin scores an A+ from me (and most of the parties Conservative Base). I never thought she could take on Barack Obama, who defeated Hillary Clinton in the primaries (with wonderful campaigning strategy), and Senator Biden who has lived on this Earth one and a half times she had spent here (but been in the Senate more than two thirds of her life). She really took them to their task and they have a very huge task cut out if they need to defeat the Republicans from now on. Frankly, she has been given the Attack Dog role by the McCain campaign and she is doing it with such a grace that the Democrats could turn Negative very soon.

Next - what about the McCain acceptance speech. Out of the four big speeches of this season (from Joe Biden, and Barack Obama last week at the DNC and Sarah Palin and John McCain this week at the RNC), McCain avoided both Empty Rhetoric and Indecent Attacks and concentrated more on the Nuts and Bolts of his Policies and painted a picture of what his Administration will do to Change the US. When a Man with highest dignity from either side of the American Political Aisle speaks like that, we better believe it. There is no need for him to attack his opponents and hit the low road and also for him to cover his Conservative Base as his VP pick is doing more than a good job in that front. So, he can concentrate on reaching out to the Undecided Democratic Voters and the Independent Voters. I think he did that effectively. But he gets a B+ in my grade sheet as he could have cut short his speech which he did not...

We are in for one of the Greatest American Elections this year and lets have FUN!!!


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